BHAAG JOHNNY Bangkok based Janardan Arora aka Johnny (Kunal Kemmu) indulges in a treacherous activity at work that’s noticed by his boss Ramona Bakshi (Manasi Scott). She soon starts blackmailing him. She warns him that if he does not kill Tanya (Zoa Morani) she’ll expose his fraudulent transactions and get him arrested. This makes Johnny’s life miserable. He is sent off to Pattaya to kill Tanya. That’s when a genie (Vikram Bhatt) mysteriously appears and grants Johnny the privilege to live two different lives at the same time for the next 72 hours in order to decide whether he’d like to kill Tanya or save her. He lists down his conditions, where Johnny must ensure that he is not killed in either life. Thus begin two parallel tracks that unfold simultaneously. One shows Johnny killing Tanya and the other shows him rescuing her by risking his own life. He falls for Tanya in the track where he saves her, while in the one where he kills her, he ends up killing more people thereafter. However, in the villainous life, he has an interpreter Mandana Karimi for company, who is also dodging the police. Towards the end, both the Johnnys cross paths and the genie pauses the moment asking Johnny which life he would choose. The genie points out that the bad Johnny has the money while the good Johnny gets Tanya. Johnny chooses good over evil. Soon the cruel Johnny is eliminated. Genie later shows how the bad wouldn’t have survived for long anyway that Johnny made the right choice. The real culprits – Ramona Bakshi and her henchmen (including a corrupt police officer (Mukul Dev) are arrested by the police). (copied)

Size 1GB
Date 20180513
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