Where The Wild Things Are A young boy named Max has an active imagination| and he will throw fits if others don’t go along with what he wants. Max – following an incident with Claire (his
sister) and her friends| and following a tantrum which he throws as a result of his Mother paying more attention to her boyfriend than to him – runs away from home.
Wearing his wolf costume at the time| Max not only runs away physically| but runs toward a world in his imagination. This world| an ocean away| is inhabited by large
wild beasts| including one named Carol who is much like Max himself in temperament. Instead of eating Max like they normally would with creatures of his type| the
wild things befriend Max after he proclaims himself a king who can magically solve all their problems.
Rotten Plot: Some may find its dark tone and slender narrative off-putting, but Spike Jonze’s heartfelt adaptation of the classic children’s book is as beautiful as it is

“Where the Wild Things Are” – “Where The Wild Things Are: The Movie,” follows the adventures of Max, a head-strong young boy who leaves home after having a fight with his mother — only to find himself in a mysterious forest bordering a vast sea. Misunderstood and rebellious, Max sets sail to the land of the Wild Things, where mischief reigns. The adventure film “Where The Wild Things Are” uses a unique process to bring the story to life, incorporating the most dynamic elements of voice performance, live-action puppetry and computer animation.

Spike Jonze’s 1999 movie “Being John Malkovich” was Wild About Movies publisher, Tim Nasson’s pick of Best Picture of 1999.

Name Where The Wild Things Are
Size 1.93GB
Date 20180516
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